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About StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts®

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The Problem

Are you not able to catch parabolic breakouts until the end of the run? Struggling to enter and exit & getting stuck holding someone else’s bag? Itching to get in to these plays early?

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The Solution

Our real time volume surge alert system will fire signals right as these moves happen. Combine that with our custom built algorithm for the perfect exit signal right at the peak!

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For The Traders

Whether you’re new to trading or a vet with decades of experience, you have the flexibility to combine our custom built tools and adapt them with your own unique trading strategy.

StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® Pro

What you receive

  • Access to our all inclusive chart based trading system on Tradingview.
  • Access to our web based alert panel with dynamic risk levels, profit targets & more.
  • Access to our real time alert channels on Discord for push notifications & advanced chat rooms.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • No commitment, you can cancel at anytime.


Join Our Discord.

Our free discord server provides not only our alerts, but also advice, support, and educational content for traders of all levels. To top it off, we’re a pretty friendly and funny group too!

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Waren Hafen


Luckily I caught this one and made $5400 in 15 minutes, I got out a bit early though. Big thanks to your algorithm of course

2nd November | 8:14am

Profile Image


Not in front of my screens, just with my phone and half drunk, I made 2500$ with your last alerts this weekend. Especially with the 🟣 I do love too much ! LONG LIFE TO YOU

29th October | 12:54pm

Profile Image


Multiple scalps off the alerts all weekend. if there is money to be made this server is finding it. +$800+, you dont only get all of the tools with StockAlerts, but you get the community to that everyone shares ideas

27th October | 3:29pm

Profile Image
Star Lord


Another 8k from cocos, this was a beast pump/coin, StockAlerts Pro® rocks!

25th October | 11:18am

Profile Image
Skull Trades


Scalped it again as well. Alerts on point for sure. great support in the community and the staff is super helpful. Solid month here, made my sub fee 30x, Alerts are 🔥 the community is 🔥 🔥 and the Pro Traders / founders are 🔥 🔥 🔥 Best Crypto server I have found, and trust me I have made my rounds

23rd October | 6:22pm

Profile Image


Litterally 5 min trade with AERGO £400 profit from the PRO Bot Kucoin

21st October | 8:29pm

Profile Image


Took some metaverse longs on the advice of the community, amazing folks in here also took 900 dollars from the galax alert from kucoin

15th October | 8:14am

Profile Image
T Lawrence


I was leery about joining pro version after being scammed ealrier this year. Let's just say, I am happy that I decided to give StockAlerts Pro® a shot. Staff have been extremely helpful with answering my questions and troubleshooting. The group chat has been a game changer. I even made a few hundred today. Thanks coin alerts founders and users. 🚀 💰 🤑

14th October | 12:54pm

Profile Image


Well after ARPA yesterday/overnight and TEL today I'm up 30% overall since joining yesterday. TEL bag was small, wasn't sure about it when I bought it, so it didn't push overall total up as much but was a real nice profit for what I put in. Now I just have to keep at it and keep learning and not make the wrong choice rofl Thanks all for the insight and conversations and thanks for the alerts

14th October | 3:29pm

Profile Image


Thank you for the Gains 3rd day in and already up $3,500.

12th October | 11:18am

Profile Image


My very first trade after I joined premium was KEEP. I had bought it with my NU profits prior to even joining. The team set me up with the Tradinview scripts and I pulled KEEP up. At around $1.20 I saw a pullback alert and I closed my position. I locked in gains from .77 to $1.20. KEEP would go on to drop all of the way to under $1. However, my favorite thing is the chat. Everyone is awesome and cheers each other on.

8th October | 6:22pm

Profile Image


Made easy 10% is 5 min with MBL call , insane 😍

8th October | 8:29pm