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Our Story

The makings of an unbeatable
stock & crypto scanner.

StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® Pro was born with one key goal in mind

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Welcome to StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® 🚀

StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® is a Revolutionary Ai powered momentum algorithm which provides alerts with the highest chance of an upwards spike.

Our ground breaking system was initially created for the stock market and after conquering both the low float & otc market spaces we decided to try our hand & our algo in the Cryptoverse, this resulted in near instant success. We managed to catch every single currency pair across three of the largest exchanges with accuracy levels of an unbelievable scale.

We offer two packages one of which will remain free, forever:

First we have our basic ‘Free User’ package which includes all of our market beating alerts free of charge but with a 5 minute time delay and with pro features locked, please note that this package does not allow access to the StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® Pro web app instead alerts are limited to discord, if your not a member of our discord server you can join here.

Secondly we have our StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® Pro package which includes our lightning fast real time alerts, Ai powered risk levels, trade ideas, TradingView algo access, StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® Pro web app access & so much more. The 5 minute advantage in data speed could make the difference between a 1% gain and a 100% gain.

As outlined above, receiving our alerts just 5 minutes before the general population can make huge amounts of difference in terms of profitability therefore we recommend our StockAlerts® & CoinAlerts® Pro package to all the serious Cryptocurrency traders within our community who require only the fastest data feeds & smartest trading assists such as our dynamic risk levels. Our pro package is available for just $49.99/month with no commitment & you can cancel at anytime.

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Our free discord server provides not only our alerts, but also advice, support, and educational content for traders of all levels. To top it off, we’re a pretty friendly and funny group too!